14. Why is God ignorant of His own creation?

Defining “Insider Information”

Without looking, could you describe the contents of your wallet or purse?  Of course you could, being familiar with your wallet or purse makes you privy to information that few others have.  Let’s call this “insider information.”

We use this kind of information to establish connections between people and objects or events.  For example, a murderer might have insider information about where a weapon or body is buried, a programmer might have insider information about his code, and you might have insider information about the items in your home.

What’s in your wallet?

So imagine you were a school principal and you found a wallet containing $260 and no ID. You announce the discovery and a student comes in to claim it.  How do you know it’s really his?  Simple — you ask him to describe it.  Anyone familiar with the wallet will immediately be able to tell you what it looks like and what’s inside.

But what if the student says, “It’s rectangular, dark in color, and has money in it.” Would you give him the wallet? No, because this information is too vague and anyone else could make the same claim.

But what if he then went on for several hours, singing songs and telling stories about how awesome his wallet was and how much he loves it?  These songs and stories might be quite entertaining, but they provide little evidence connecting him to the wallet.

What if things got really weird, and he insisted, “My reputation as a fortune-teller and miracle worker should validate me as the owner!”  These strange attempts to gain credibility are unrelated to, and much more difficult than, simply describing his wallet.

Just then, a teacher pops in and asks, “Is it a brown leather wallet from Old Navy?  With $260 and a Chase ATM slip dated 2/15 for account #302939?”

And that’s it! That’s all it would take. In just a couple sentences, the teacher established an almost undeniable connection to his property, which was easy, because he was intimately familiar with it. He didn’t need to tell long stories, or sing songs, or perform miracles, or make up excuses, or tell the future — he just needed to have an insider’s knowledge of the wallet.

Likewise, with just a couple of sentences, the Bible’s authors could establish a connection between God, creation, and the Bible.

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that makes all the difference

If men wrote the Bible, we would expect it to be limited to the knowledge of the time. However, if God inspired the Bible, He should be able to easily provide some inside information.

For example, God might give clear descriptions of things that had not yet been discovered when the Bible was written, things like DNA, microorganisms, cells, billions of galaxies, the Americas, the rotation of the earth, black holes, etc.

One wonders how God could even tell the story of creation and NOT mention billions of galaxies, or how the sun was just another star, or how the earth rotates and orbits the sun.

Likewise, how could Jesus heal the sick, and not mention that we should cover our mouths when we cough to help prevent the spread of Satan germs?

For the non-believer, these omission make perfect sense, because God is not the author. But the believer must find a way to excuse God for His inability or unwillingness to divulge insider information.

The excuses I’ve come across include:

1) The Bible does contain insider information!

As a Christian, I was taught that the Bible contained many science facts, and I even read Ray Comfort’s book on 100 of them.

Later, I learned the Quran also contained hundreds of scientific facts. To be honest, both Christians and Muslims seemed to be applying extremely liberal interpretations of their texts. I don’t think it’s possible to discredit one claim without simultaneously destroying the credibility of the other. (I’ll cover some of the best claims in future questions.)

2) Science didn’t exist, so they couldn’t talk about it.

Do you need knowledge of science to describe the contents of your purse or wallet? Of course not. Likewise, the Bible’s authors didn’t need to know anything about Science to say things like:

  • “And God created a great many great clusters of stars, and placed them at great distances from one another, so far away that most cannot be seen.”
  • “And around many of the stars in each cluster, he placed a great many planets.”
  • “And in one of these clusters, around one of its stars, God placed our round planet, and he caused it to move around the sun in an oval path.”
  • “And God caused the Earth to spin, so that when one side experienced day, the other side experienced night.”
  • “Then God filled our planet with many forms of life, life that even lives upon you, and inside of you!”
  • “And God made a giant land mass to the west. Just cross the ocean and you’ll find it.  (Really — you can’t miss it.)”

And there are countless other examples that God could have given to us to confirm he was the author of creation, without getting technical.

3) The information wasn’t necessary to our salvation.

This statement also implies that what did make it into the Bible is essential to our salvation, or at least more important than anything else that could’ve been written.

For example, God didn’t waste words on statements like “Cover your mouth when you cough,” because it was less important than, say, describing the color of the pomegranates that should adorn the trim of the priestly garments.

Are priestly fashions are more important to God than human suffering?

4) It would destroy our faith

Why would God be concerned with the faith depriving side-effects of sharing insider information, but not the faith depriving side-effects of prophecies, miracles, and Jesus? Showing up in person, walking on water, and raising folks from the dead isn’t exactly the behavior of a god who’s trying to lay low. Why is it okay for God to do these things, but not share a little inside information? Is it, dare I say, because it’s easier to fake other such evidence than it is to come up with real insider information?

Without some kind of insider information, how do we validate the claims of one story against another? Just like the two men who both laid claim to the wallet, we have many religions claiming to hold the truth. We need some evidence to help us sort out the true claims from the false ones.


Insider information would make for a much better “signature of God” than miracles that leave no lasting evidence and some highly questionable prophecies.

While this isn’t definitive proof that God didn’t inspire the Bible, the lack of “insider information” is exactly what we’d expect from a book written by men. Like the student above, the absence of any insider information makes me suspicious that the Bible is not written by the entity responsible for creating the Universe.

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21 Responses to 14. Why is God ignorant of His own creation?

  1. nrhatch says:

    Good thesis . . . excellent follow through. 😀

  2. zqtx says:

    Well said.

    It’s amazing to think that ol’ god didn’t see any of this coming, either.

  3. Kilre says:

    I’m going to start pointing theists your way, sir. Excellent questions and topic discussions.

    • Thanks Kilre. Bring ’em on, I’d prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around (Star Wars humor). Seriously though, I’d love to hear their side of things.

      • Anonymous says:

        The priestly garments were significant as they pointed to our High Priest Jesus Christ who is there to intercede for us today.

        • Anonymous says:

          What? You are making no sense at all! It’s like the christians that have cancer that pray wholeheartedly to Jesus for them to be cured but never get the miracle, how do they feel at peace with their religion when they read the gospels and find out that Y’shua Ben Yosef turned water into good quality wine for a wedding banquet just because they ran out of it…

  4. newsgent says:

    Hi there.

    I just wandered over here from Reddit and I’m surprised that I was not aware of your blog sooner. I was a member of a offshoot of the baptist church for most of my life.

    As a fledgling atheist, I did want to point out a flaw in your argument in point #1. One wouldn’t have to believe that the Bible contains scientific facts and the Quran does not since it’s widely believed that Christianity and Islam share the same roots. Ishmael, a Muslim prophet and supposedly an ancestor of Muhammad was the brother of Isaac (both Isaac and their father Abraham being important figures for Jews and Christians).

    Please keep writing.

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  8. consultgtf says:

    Your comments shows how ignorant, we are!
    We expect the product designer to explain to his designed product, how He designed it?
    It is explaining the child about respiration
    – our lungs expand and contract by themselves, meanwhile they absorb oxygen and give out carbon di oxide, I have asked this question to my teacher, How is it possible?.
    -Our eyes can see_ How?
    -Our nose can smell_How? and so on…
    As Human we have designed, discovered, invented many things? but,
    Ignorance is not the right word! it is expectation. Starting from Adam,
    God who created the humans very well knew that, Adam and Eve had two choices to make,
    1) Obey Gods commandment and eat from all other trees but not from the restricted tree, and be in Gods protection forever or
    2) Eat the fruit and get out of God’s protection? Which is followed very religiously even today.
    Do you think God didn’t know permutation and combination? He is our Creator, if we creatures are so brainy! then imagine our Creator?

    Even today, Our GTF (God Thee Father is waiting for atleast one in 100 sheep’s to return back to His protection!
    But we are Eve’s grand children so we will always try to prove that we are equal to our Creator? and end up with some anomalies which can never be cured!

    • xerxesthe2nd says:

      You poor lost child, to label folks who no longer buy the BS of religion ignorant is exactly why we seek reasonably viable answers to faith. Christian arrogance, think about your faith and the bible. Christianity would have died if not for Constantine. The old testament holds all the evidence needed to show the true orgin of god and its polytheistic beginning. Why else would the verse “have no other gods before me” be stated. You need to wake up from childlike slumber, because thats what christians like u sound like. Like children debating the existence of santa clause. At least they grow out of it but sadly they replace it with irrational beliefs of man concocted religions. Silly, silly, silly.

      • consultgtf says:

        Dear second, Christianity would have died if not for Constantine, not OUR God, We are not discussing how human sentiment was/are used to build this biggest religion!

        Are we aware of concept resurrection of dead, was rebirth adopted from east? All these concepts are adopted by our forefathers from different cultures, Not from Jews, THE ORIGINAL!

        Jesus, is coming back again? why? what happened to his first coming?

        This was told by Jesus to his disciples, when He was going towards east after crucifixion.

        Yes, We are still children, no doubt but my FATHER, likes people who are children, at heart! though.
        We will discuss, even fight to know about our God Thee Father!

        Last but not the least. Yes, I am the lost child not the last child, who is still searching for my… Father shepherd, as I RAN AWAY FROM MY FATHER’s protection and long for HIM, to take me back into HIS FLOCK!

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  10. Anonymous says:

    The whole thesis falls apart at the end, when author tries to argue that revealing scientific facts about creation would destroy faith. This is the part where author’s arguments against it make no sense whatsoever.

    What I mean is that miracles and prophesies which happened in the past still require great deal of faith from people who’ll read or hear about them in the future. Even in the span of the Bible itself there are many examples of whole nations doing just that – forgetting or not believing in miracles and events which their forefathers witnessed just a few hundred years ago (or even less in some instances). Not to mention that even among actual eye witnesses there was always many who were in denial and would try to come up with their own explanation of miracles they witnessed.

    So yes, God is well aware that such miracles would not interfere with trials of faith, not even among eye witnesses and especially not when it comes to people who’ll read about it from the book in a distant future.

    On the other hand if scientific facts were revealed in the Bible, facts that don’t depend on time and would still be valid thousands of years after they’re described – that would deal a serious injury to faith once and for all, since with our modern equipment we’d be able to check and confirm those facts and being well aware that there was no such equipment thousands of years ago we’d get convinced much easier that only Creator could have had such information at that time.

    That would eliminate our purpose on Earth which is to learn to have faith and to resist our sin.

    God already created beings who know that He is God. To them it’s not the matter of believing, but rather a knowledge that was laid out in front of them, with undeniable scientific facts and everything. Those are Angels and they have their own purposes.

    With such knowledge there is opportunity for a choice and for the type of faith that God had in mind for a Man. We can choose to believe and that’s what makes us special.

  11. Hi there!

    “… miracles and prophesies which happened in the past still require great deal of faith …”

    Agreed. They are useless to us, because we were not there to witness them.

    “On the other hand if scientific facts were revealed in the Bible … that would deal a serious injury to faith…”

    Hummm… as Christopher Hitchens put it, “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

    The problem is, there are thousands of gods vying for our attention. Without evidence, how can we tell them apart? Even God understands that this is a problem (more in a moment).

    “God already created beings who know that He is God. To them it’s not the matter of believing, but rather a knowledge that was laid out in front of them …”

    Wowza. Let me dwell on this statement for a moment.

    First of all… who told you this? The Bible? Why did you believe it? Can the statement be proven? Can it be falsified? Or must it too be accepted on faith?

    Because what is being stated is this: We must first HAVE FAITH in a book, and then FAITH in its god character, and then FAITH that we have been GIVEN FAITH, so that we can believe in this character. What a tangled web we weave, when we have faith to believe.

    Lots of people sincerely believe that their gods are real, but that doesn’t make it true.

    And frankly, any book could claim the same thing. For example, JK Rowling could’ve insisted that Hogwarts is real… but invisible to muggles. We can’t prove it, we can’t disprove it. (But we know it’s true, because Dumbledore has given us all the faith to believe!) That’s a joke, of course, but if the book was presented to us under religious pretenses, a thousand years ago, who knows what people would believe today.

    Second, if ALL beings are given this knowledge, then adding scientific statements to the Bible would’ve had no ill effects. It wouldn’t matter. As you stated, it’s no longer a “matter of believing.” If everyone already “knows”, then faith is irrelevant. But faith requires doubt, and if there is doubt, then you don’t truly “know”, and if you don’t truly know, then you’re going to need some kind of evidence. (Otherwise all gods are equally worthy.)

    Third, if only SOME have been given this knowledge, why not all? Why has God condemned some from the start? Why create them and then set them up to fail? And why serve such an unjust creator?

    And finally, when God was losing favor to idols, he said this:

    21 “Present your case,” says the Lord.
    “Set forth your arguments,” says Jacob’s King.
    22 “Tell us, you idols,
    what is going to happen.
    Tell us what the former things were,
    so that we may consider them
    and know their final outcome.
    Or declare to us the things to come,
    23 tell us what the future holds,
    so we may know that you are gods.
    Do something, whether good or bad,
    so that we will be dismayed and filled with fear.
    24 But you are less than nothing
    and your works are utterly worthless;
    whoever chooses you is detestable.
    — Isaiah 41:21-24

    Even God understands that people need evidence to help us sort out real gods from fake ones.

    Take care!

  12. Tyrone Perry says:

    If i were 2 have a discussion with a person who lacks the FAITH that could save their soul & I showed that person undisputed proof of something written down in GOD’s Word in biblical times that was impossible 2 know back then.That person would not apply FAITH because he/she would know that the information had 2 come from no other than GOD Himself.
    I c it rather ironic that most if not all topics that r presented against our Creator seem 2 be done by very intelligent people.I wonder if that is because we become so intelligent in our reasoning & rationalizing we become proud & find that religion & the possibility of an All Knowing All Powerful Deity sounds completely & utterly nonsensical & what does GOD’s Word tell us about “Pride” Proverbs 16:5 Every1 who is arrogant in heart is an abomination 2 the Lord;
    Proverbs 8:13 Pride & arrogance & the way of evil & perverted speech I hate.
    Psalm 10:4 In the pride of his face the wicked does not seek him; all his thoughts r “There is no GOD.”
    1 John 4; Dear young friends,u belong 2 GOD & have already 1 your fight with those who r against Christ,because there is some1 in your hearts who is stronger than any evil teacher (or mocker) in this wicked world.5 These men belong 2 this world,so quite naturally they speak from the worlds viewpoint & the world listens.
    I believe that is exactly what happens here.Many of u non-believers seem 2 think u know better than the 1 who knows best I suggest u humble yourselves b4 it is 2 late.
    Psalm 14;1 The fool has saideth in his heart,”There is no GOD.”

  13. Tyrone Perry says:

    Oh & by the way He does give us inside information maybe not the inside information u would prefer,but He informs us about our hearts, minds, how we behave,the origin of sin & who was responsible,what happened,what’s happening now (Like the tv show) & what’s going 2 happen.

  14. Tyrone Perry says:

    GOD’s Word informs us; y we behave & think the way that we do (past,present & future!) Believe it or not even u! It informs us where we came from,where we r now & where we’re going.What happened,what’s happening now & what’s going 2 happen! Im well aware that these books were written by man,but if u read these books without a doubting,skeptical mind 1 would realize that the information is divine or from a Heavenly source.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Interesting post… It’s funny that I agree with most of what you’ve written but completely disagree with your conclusion. The global Church of Spirit filled Christians radically transformed by His Word and work in them is the most convincing living evidence we have today and the last 2000 years of people actually LIVING what is in the Scriptures by faith even to their deaths, loving their enemies and praying for them as He called us to. Being dominated by the love of Christ which is unlike anything in the world is to me the most convincing. There are many fake Christians and religiosity without reality but that need not deter us from a true living faith which springs from a revolutionary experience of the living God by faith in Christ… As Christ said Himself “You will know them by their fruits.” The greatest fruit of union with Christ is His love which would die for your enemies so that they may know Him. Instead of killing people because they won’t convert, laying down your life so they can know the Living Christ.

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