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61. Are we allowed to test God?

We all know we’re not supposed to test God, but why not? Without evidence, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to tell the difference between a real god and a fake one. Most Christians contend that God does not allow for testing … Continue reading

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17. Why does God allow children to suffer and die?

While I’ve previously touched on the problem of evil, I wanted to focus a bit more on what is perhaps the most heinous evil one can possibly imagine: the suffering and death of innocent children. Each year, approximately 10 million children will … Continue reading

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7. Why can’t God lift a penny?

Here’s a fun experiment you can do at home. Start by making up a new god, any god, such as the “God of Pizza.”  Place a penny on a table and pray that the God of Pizza will levitate it to confirm his existence. If it works, … Continue reading

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