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47. Can we “just know” that God exists?

I often hear believers say that they “just know” that God exists. This seemingly innate awareness of God’s existence can be used as grounds to override and dismiss any and all evidence to the contrary. My own wife uses this … Continue reading

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43. Did the Bible accurately predict the future of Tyre (Ezekiel 26)?

Let’s face it, an in-depth knowledge of ancient Tyre won’t make you the life of any party (unless it’s a party for archaeologists, which I imagine would be pretty dead), but these events are extremely important. Why? Because according to many believers, some … Continue reading

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42. Why does God allow animals to suffer?

The Bible doesn’t say too much about why God created animals, other than to say he did, and gave mankind dominion over them (Genesis 1:26). Whatever his reasons, God obviously chose not to spare animals from pain and suffering. Why? Human … Continue reading

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32. Can prophecies prove the Bible is true?

If you’ve ever heard a sermon on “How I know the Bible is true,” then you know that prophecy is one of the primary pillars used to support the Bible’s authenticity. You may have also heard that the Bible is … Continue reading

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31. Can God be both perfectly merciful and perfectly just?

The great thing about God is He’s chalk full of admirable traits; He’s kind, loving, just, merciful, Republican, and He hates all the same things we hate. He’s also perfect — perfectly good, perfectly just, and perfectly merciful. Or is … Continue reading

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30. Should we all stop having children?

If having children leads to some percentage of them ending up in hell, is it still reasonable to continue having them? Possibly. I wish I had been buried like a baby who never saw the light of day. ~ Job 3:16  Should all … Continue reading

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29. Was Jonah really swallowed by a whale?

Growing up Pentecostal, I was raised to believe the Jonah story was a literal event. But even back then, I found the story a little difficult to swallow (pun intended). I used to imagine that when Jonah was inside the … Continue reading

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