63. If God can write on a wall, why can’t he write his own Bible?

Suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall, near the lampstand in the royal palace. The king watched the hand as it wrote.
— Daniel 5:5

011bdf05385d9482b538b64455895c8dAccording to Daniel chapter 5, God wrote the words “mene, mene, tekel, parsin” on King Belshazzar’s palace wall. The prophet Daniel was (naturally) the only one who could translate the message, but the translation interests me far less than the fact that God could write!

What I mean is, there were obviously no laws or restrictions preventing God from physically writing his own messages, in fact, this wasn’t even the first time God had written something down.

The Lord said to Moses, “Chisel out two stone tablets like the first ones, and I will write on them the words that were on the first tablets, which you broke.”
— Exodus 34:1

But if writing is not against the rules, then why didn’t God author his own book? Just give that floating hand a pen and let him go to work!

Imagine all the time the Jews would’ve saved by not having to second-guess which prophets were actually speaking for God! They wouldn’t even need to test the words of these prophets against their prophecies, since the messages were dictated by God himself (assuming they saw him write it). They’d just be like, “Hey, God wrote it, and therefore we know it’s true! If you don’t like it, talk to the hand!”

Writing on the wallAnd if God wanted, he could’ve made his hand appear in every nation, delivering his word in every language.

And even today, God’s hand could appear in churches every Sunday, delivering new messages to churches across the globe.

I’m sure if we tried, we could come up with some legitimate-sounding reasons for why God prefers to use ghost writers (holy ghost writers?) to deliver his messages, rather than writing them personally. But no matter the excuse, the problem that always arises is that so many men claim to speak for God (or other deities): from the prophets of Baal, to the prophet of Ahura Mazda (Zoroaster), to the prophet Mohammad, to the Pope, to the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, to Pat Robertson and Benny Hinn, to many modern UFO/Alien prophets.

With so many claiming to speak for deities, it leads to a lot of confusion. Many of these men must be wrong, yet billions have followed them because these followers were unable to distinguish between real prophets (assuming they exist) and fake ones. Did God not anticipate this problem?

Consider the new book God Consciousness. According to its publisher, it was written by none other than God himself! While God didn’t physically write the book, it’s said he did telepathically dictate the book word-for-word to Robert William Farmilo. Why isn’t every Christian clamoring to get a copy of God’s latest book? Because prophets are a dime a dozen. When everyone speaks for God, no one does (i.e. no one takes these claims too seriously).

Anyway, if a message were to come from a real god, it would be nice if they actually delivered it personally, rather than sending one of their eccentric (and seemingly self-appointed) representatives. Doing so would help to eliminate a lot of confusion.

So it’s unfortunate that the “real” God should choose to use the same basic delivery method as all the false gods, especially when he’s perfectly capable of writing for himself.


We know that people will arise who claim to speak for gods, and we know that many of them must be mistaken. We also know that false gods cannot speak for themselves, because they do not exist, and so it’s reasonable to assume that ideas about who these gods are and what they want are borne from the minds of ordinary men.

In light of these observations, is it really far-fetched to assume that the same thing could’ve happened with the God of the Bible? Does it really make sense that God would want to use the same delivery method as false gods? Or does God use the same delivery method for the same reason? Because he too is imaginary?

“But wait!” says the believer in my head, “Didn’t God go the extra mile to distinguish his messages from false gods? Through signs like miracles, prophecies, and the person of Jesus?” While I don’t want to detract from the original question, yes, this is what is claimed. I will endeavor to explore these other proofs, but this still doesn’t explain why God didn’t just write his own book in the first place, in addition to doing these other things.

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33 Responses to 63. If God can write on a wall, why can’t he write his own Bible?

  1. ihshadows says:

    It is because he does not exist. A five year old would be able to deduce that; unfortunately millions of adults are not capable of comprehending the fact that there is no God.

    • this is in response to Job saying that the earth hangs on nothing article

      who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power,…….- Hebrews 1:3 (NKJV).

      God is upholding the earth by His words. They act as the pillars and since you can’t see words, you certainly can’t see the pillars supporting the earth.

      Every scripture is the truth.

      For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools – Romans 1:18-22

  2. Pete Frens says:

    Good point and I agree. The bible says “god is not a god of confusion”, but he sure is. Of course I don’t believe any more that he exists. After 40 plus years being a born again Christian, I found my god wanting and could not believe in him any more.

  3. Kevin says:

    The truth is no one knows exactly why God did not write the Bible himself. There could be multiple reasons. Since I believe in a absolute moral law, I do find it fitting that he did write the commandments himself. In addition, much of the Bible contains stories of people’s lives that teach us by example. The author Paul, who wrote many books in the New Testament, shows us his life as a person who condemned Christians to death but later after seeing Christ, becomes one of the greatest missionaries ever, and finally is beheaded for his faith. Speaking through these people may have been the best way. As far as false profits, the Bible says you will know them by their fruits. Many times we are deceived by people, but often it can be avoided if we look at who they are and what they have done. I understand the entire Bible is impossible to comprehend and that’s for a reason too, but the Bible explains the path way to salvation crystal clear, and can be understood by anyone.

    • Arkenaten says:

      There are 14 accredited to a ‘Paul’ of which 7 are recognized as forgeries and there is plenty of doubt about the remaining 7. ( I am putting my money on Constantine’s secretary or maybe his Mum, Helena or even Eusebius’s lover – I forget his name.

    • DanD says:

      Is that the path that requires you to give away all of your worldly possessions? Luke 14:33

      And to hate your father and mother? Luke 14:26
      Or honor your father and mother? Matthew 15:19

      If God really wanted to have personal testimony as part of the holy book, then the obvious approach is the one that Judaism has. The Torah is considered the inspired word of god, the Talmud is interpretations of that, and historical records including personal accounts.

      That sort of structure avoids confusion and (if the first portion was truly divinely inspired) should eliminate the sorts of conflicts and inconsistencies presently found in the bible.

      • A believer in Christ says:


        I’m not sure if you are aware how scripture works. Jesus walked alonside the disciples after he rose from the dead and explained the prophesies from the book of Isaiah, even as the disciples didn’t recognize him. You have to be given divine access to understanding it. Again, Jesus exemplified this when he didn’t speak clearly, but in parables. Everyone could understand them on the surface, but there were deeper levels of meaning that only those whose spiritual “eyes could see and ears could hear,” would understand.

        Jesus said you have to hate your parents and honor your parents, so which is it? It’s both, but you have to be able to understand that paradox. To follow Jesus meant opening yourself to persecution, potentially getting tossed out of the synagogue and bringing embarassment to the family – so many ways to break a parent’s heart, ideological battles notwithstanding. I got a lot of heat from my family for simply being more involved in the faith than they were. I had to willingly suffer damage to the parental child relationship to follow Jesus. That’s the hating part. The honoring part is being there materially, physically, and spiritually for your parents.

  4. johnkutensky says:

    Just wanted to share Gustave Dore’s depiction of this event: http://www.swartzentrover.com/cotor/bible/Dore/doreOT/OT-124.jpg He makes it appear far more supernatural, with the writing having just appeared, and everyone rightly astonished.

  5. makagutu says:

    Thanks for this post. You raise a very substantive question

    • Anonymous says:

      let’s find out what this is all about in a video cut the conversation went one by one but in the end of yougo ahead

  6. rautakyy says:

    Perhaps, of some cosmic law, we are not aware of, this god can not write in any known language, and therefore it is required to use a human midleman at any case, like poor old Daniel. So, why bother writing, if some human dude needs to explain the words anyway. Who says that the words on the tablets of Moses were written in any comprehensable language by anyone else expet some dudes who claimed to understand what they actually meant. Perhaps they too needed translation. After all, we are talking about time and age, when reading was not the most common skill.

    It just might be, that this presumed god entity has no actual language. Whith whom would that god have evolved the vocabulary for a divine language in the first place, or for what ever purpose? Who among us mere mortals could possibly converse on any level with the alledged sole creator entity of the entire universe? Is that not like us trying to have a conversation with an ant. We do not understand the communication of ants, nor the individual interrests of ants. We can count ourselves “benevolent” towards the ants for not crushing their anthill, but that does not really require us to convey any actual messages to the ants. A human can push or lift an ant out of trouble, but it is only mildly interresting to a human. And any message a human tries to convey to ants is most propably misunderstood by the ants. That would also explain the obvious indifference of nature in the real, observable world as well as the poor test results of prayer actually working and the meaningless gibberish people who are percieved to talk in “tongues” under divine inspiration spout out.

    Ultimately, it explains nothing about nothing, as long as no actual evidence for any gods is ever presented. Gods are non-answers to questions we do not have answers to. Belief in gods is pretending we know the answer to questions we do not have any answers to. And as such only an attempt to feel safe from the unknown.

    • Hi rautakyy, always good to hear from you.

      Just a footnote: In this case, God apparently wrote in a known language, it was the meaning that needed interpretation.

      From Wikipedia:

      Although usually left untranslated in English translations of Daniel, these words are known Aramaic names of measures of currency: MENE, a mina (from the root meaning “to count”), TEKEL, a spelling of shekel (from the root meaning “to weigh”), PERES, half a mina (from the root meaning “to divide,” but additionally resembling the word for “Persia”).

      The advisers attempt to interpret the meaning. However, their natural denotations of weights and measures were superficially meaningless: “two minas, a shekel and two parts.” Therefore, the King sent for Daniel, an exiled Israelite taken from Jerusalem, who had served in high office under Nebuchadnezzar. … The meaning that Daniel decrypts from these words is based on passive verbs corresponding to the measure names, “numbered, weighed, divided.”

      Take care,

      • rautakyy says:

        It is good to hear from you too and this post of yours is as ever delightfull as any of your exellent previous questions.

        What I meant, was that if this god character does not actually have language skills, if such are too mundane, or whatnot, that might on some level explain, why there allways needs to be an interpreter to what ever this god character actually wants. A lot of effort has been put to interpreting the “word” of this particular god and a lot of contradictory explanations have been presented. But the need for an interpreter is also very suspicious. Is it not?

        Perhaps, it is just more likely that there never was any gods, but having people believe there is, gives a lot of political power (well, depending on the popularity of the particular religiion) to the people who pretend, or sincerely do believe, to talk on behalf of this or that god. I personally would not prefer to afford political or social power any more to the dishonest demagogue, than to the honest, but totally deluded person.

        The thing is, that we have no way of knowing when a person is speaking with the mouth of an actual god, or not. Wether if the words spouted out, or scribbled on vellum, are infact the product of the human individiual or some disembodied mind, that in addition could be called a god. All the even remotely objective evidence we have is, that no disembodied minds exist and that minds are the products of material brains. Not vice versa. This leaves very little room for gods as anything other than the products of the mind – as in imagination, that we do know we have. Well, some of us.

        If we try to recognize the words of a god from the ramblings of delusional people, by what is said and it truly is by the fruit, that the tree is known, then there are no religions that we can recognize as representative of any benevolent gods on earth. Are there?

        A god in this particular Biblical story is like a graffiti artist, who may himself be very happy about the artistic result on the wall, but for some reason most people are unable to read what was the actual message and it seems just, well, graffiti to the most of us. Should we then believe the prophet, or the art critique who says this is exellent and it means this or that? Why was it too hard to write in plain language what was meant to be the message? Why do we not get the artist himself to clarify what the message was as he clearly was unable to convey any messages to other people than the prophet and how can we possibly know if the prophet really understood it right? It seems like this god character is not much in the habit of repairing the misunderstandings humans have about him, else there would not be so many religious wars fought around the globe. Right?

  7. Sal says:

    I think this might shed some light to this question…..or maybe not….I am probably missing the point but here goes….

    If God actually wrote down words do you honestly think we would believe that this book was actually written by God. If the bible was written by God would you believe that God actually wrote it? How in the world would we prove it. We would still have to have faith to believe it.

    Imagine if God came to every church in the world and wrote down this one simple rule on a tablet: “if you want to follow Jesus, you need to “sell all your possessions and give to the poor.” It is a very simple message, and easy to do. Will you do it? Chances are you own a computer, you pay for Internet connections, you live in a home or apartment; you have a car, TV, etc. In other words, you live a life at a level of wealth unimaginable in Jesus’ time. Meanwhile, billions of people on the planet live in startling, miserable poverty. Why don’t you sell everything and follow Jesus, as he requests? The reason is simple: You can’t. If Jesus were real and stood in front of you as a teacher with this command, would you do it? If he actually wrote this on paper, would you give up your house and possessions? Chances are you would not, because you still will not believe him. Just like in Jesus time, many failed to help the poor. You would do the same thing.The idea that man would not sin if God made His presence known is false. The idea that man would not sin if God wrote a book is false. Sadly, any direct evidence of God’s existence will not make people stay righteous. If God in the flesh did not convince people then how in the world would a book help.

    Some might say that if God goes that far to write down words then he might as well just show himself. It would be the best proof of God. Here is a parable: A man inherited an engineering factory. He was given a job description of all the jobs in the shop. On the first day he joined in incognito and worked on the shop floor. He listened to the gossip, and watched the slackers. In the 2nd week he promoted himself to the office working with a crew of office men and women, some flirting, some lazy, etc. On the 3rd week he joined the Board management, some did a two hour day then off to golf. In the 4th week he introduced himself to all workers and said “I’m your new boss”. He then set about trimming his office staff and factory floor workers. Some complained, why me” I’ve been at this firm 14yrs. He then told them, I deliberately concealed my presence, to know who the genuine workers were. If I had made it known on the first day all workers would falsely been hard at work, I truly know now, who to keep, and who is loyal in my fathers firm. In the same way every day God is concealing himself to see who is faithful to him. It all has to do with us proving ourselves without the boss being around us 24/7. It is very stressful to work with the boss looking over your shoulder. Having God around rather than having a book is not the best option. Can you imagine if Christ was here looking over our shoulders watching every action we make and every thought we make. Give me a book any day.

    When the first explorers came to the Americas, the natives were bowing and worshiping these early explorers as Gods. But as time went on the natives became restless. The shock and awe soon wore off. The books were no longer of any value to the natives. Eventually the primitive culture rebels against both the invaders and their values. This is why so many missionaries ended up in the proverbial cooking pot along with their books. When a higher culture is introduced or if a God comes with a message the initial reaction of the natives is to become like cattle or sheep. They end up doing what is commanded to them, but then again, rather than to be told what to do and how to live the natives eventually rebel and reassert their natural humanity.The inevitable end result of the introduction of a higher culture or a higher power will devastate a more primitive one.
    If God came to us with all of his superior power and knowledge and love, spreading and writing down his message, we as a primitive species will react and rebel in the same way. We do not want God around and we do not want any moral written rules to tell us how to live. I think God knows that his writings will be of no avail. Apparently He doesn’t think the world would be a better place if He did prove His existence to people any more than He has already done so. Whether he wrote a book or not, we will still reject him.

    When we start to examine a mere carpenter who claimed to be God we find that In three short years people did not want to hear him anymore. A book would not have saved his life and probably would have been burnt along with his crucifixion. The Jews and the romans would have destroy all his written evidence to denounce His existence. God has done everything he can do to make people see, from when God wrote the ten commandments, to the miracles of Moses, to the miracles of Jesus; the people still refuse to accept him. The same will happen today. Why would we read his book if we believe He didn’t exist. Why would we read the bible if we didn’t believe in him.

    I think a video is much better than a book. Imagine if we had captured Christ on a video, will we still continue to live our selfish ways and not his? I believe God knows that his presence in any way will not change us. whether it is a book or a video, we will still have wars. To answer the question why god doesn’t show himself and give us a message is to say that He did. He appeared at our level. He came out of hiding and we murdered him. . I think that we have a similar thing going on here right now. If Jesus Christ came down in the flesh, and wrote a book, people still wouldn’t believe. Seeing Jesus in the flesh is much better than reading a book. If God in the flesh doesn’t change people how in the world is a book going help.. So it doesn’t make sense to ask in the first place. We all know what would happen if Jesus showed up again. How many times do we have to crucify him before we believe? How many books do we have to read before we believe it is not fictional. ?

    I think that one potential answer to this question is that the presupposition that God or Jesus showing up in body and physically writing down commandments, would make people believe in him is not a legitimate presupposition. All we have to do is to take a look two thousand years ago. Take the beginning of Mark 8, for example. Jesus has been doing miracles for a while and now he takes 7 loaves of bread and feeds a few thousand people. Immediately after that, a bunch of Pharisees come up to him and ask for “a sign from heaven to test him.” In response, Jesus “sighed deeply in his spirit and said, ‘Why does this generation seek a sign? Truly, I say to you, no sign will be given to this generation.’ And he left them.” (Mark 8: 11-13). It looks to me like Jesus is saying that they’re not going to believe in him no matter what he does.

    To me, I think the message here is clear. Deep inside, we actually do not want God or Jesus around and we do not want God sending down messages, writing down rules, writing down commandments on a continuous basis. I mean look at us, we go to church every Sunday and we live in sin as if God is not around during the week. Honestly, if God wrote down a message every Sunday will that actually change us? Soon we will become complacent and eventually take him for granted. According to Christians we are all sinners and nothing and no book is going to change us.

    I am not sure if I answer this question correctly.???….I think I might have detracted from the original point….. but I tried……Anyway thanks for reading….Sal

    • toktaylor says:

      We have proof who wrote this article….it can be proven, there is an audit trail. More precisely you have left evidence to whom the writer is because you wanted us to know. It was simple for you it would be even simpler for a GOD.

    • Hi Sal, thanks for writing.

      It’s very true that just because someone claims God wrote a book, that doesn’t make it true. There are many ways God could prove it, either by divulging some hidden knowledge about life and the universe, or delivering the same gospel to every nation (all of whom witness the same floating hand), or continuing to write on walls today. But the authors of the Bible don’t even attempt to make this claim, it’s always “inspired,” even though God is obviously capable of writing for himself.

      If God’s hand DID magically appear and write a message today, you bet I’d do what he commanded! I can’t speak for anyone else, but this would be enough evidence for me. (I would also accept sending fire from heaven, levitating a coin or a rock, or even just flipping a light switch upon request… anything, really.)

      If God wishes to conceal himself, why send fire from heaven? Or part seas? Or make public appearances where he performs miracles and walks on water?

      We believers want the best of both worlds, we want to say, “God has proven himself through ALL THESE MIGHTY MIRACLES! But… um… he doesn’t do those things today… because now he’s more about the faith thing.” Is he? Or did he never do these things to begin with?

      If God wants to spy on us to see what we’ll do, why inspire a book? Why send his son? Just create us, and let us be. The good will do good, and the evil will do evil, and God can then sort them out in the end. (Simply confessing a belief that Jesus is God’s son always seemed like a weird qualifier to me, anyhow.)

      So I don’t buy that we humans don’t want more signs from God. Most of us love God, and there is a lot of confusion over how we ought to best serve him, or which prophet we should follow. Is God with the Catholics or the Protestants? The Muslims or the Mormons? Jesus or the Jews? Or do we have the wrong god altogether? A few new obvious signs would help settle a lot of conflicts, and stop the rising tide of skepticism. It has been 2000 years, and counting…

      All my best,

      • Ken says:

        You’re asking for a sign or a miracle. We Christians sometimes asking for it too. Like “if I were there in the times of the Old Testament were they saw the parting of the sea or in New Testament with Jesus when they saw Him walk on the water, I will surely obey and will not doubt anymore.” But when Moses’ people, after they escaped the Egyptians and passed through the departed sea, they still murmured on the wilderness and doubt God’s power to save them from hunger.

        Lots of people saw Jesus’ miracles and they still crucified Him.

        In the story of Lazarus and the rich man, when the rich man went to hell, he requested to Abraham for him to be send back to life to warn his brothers about hell. And Abraham disagreed and told him that if they don’t believe in the prophets, they wouldn’t believe in anyone.

        Does the messenger of the President of the US is not enough to send you a message? Or you will oblige the President to come to you to bring you his message? For me, as ‘the’ Most High, God can choose whether to write the letters on His own or find a secretary. He’s the boss. You can’t disregard someone’s letter just because it was written by his or her secretary.

        And about the miracles, there’s no guarantee that you’ll believe if you see one. Lots of people are doing miracles today. Do we believe in them? No. Because we call them fake and magic. And you will just look for scientific explanations to get ‘valid answers’. You will always prove that there is no God with or without miracles.

    • wingnut says:

      There is an assumption here that current disbelievers are willfully ignoring proof. We are not; however we are saying, “Where’s the proof, so that we, too, can believe” The lame excuse that mankind will turn away from proof is another straw man argument, and very passive aggressive. Your assumption that disbelievers will continue to deny genuine proof denies any possibility of repentance and salvation, which directly contradicts Jesus’ teaching that all can be saved, leading me to ask “Why don’t YOU believe in Christ’s teachings? Do YOU hate God’s word? Are you a closet atheist?” Don’t try to play verbal judo tricks with Jedi masters.

      When you have no proof, don’t blame the questioner for daring to ask the question. Many here drank the Kool-Aid for decades, and undoubtedly would again, if you had even the teensiest shred of a scrap of proof — but you don’t.

      Monumental fail, and not likely to win a debate with a six year-old.

  8. consultgtf says:

    God is God, He has allowed you to write so much be thankful to HIM for He is ONLY God.

    Hope you will appreciate, that He was the one who told ” I AM WHO I AM” so control your senses and ask these silly questions to your fellow humans, like me and others not to your CREATOR!

  9. consultgtf says:

    I completely agree with SAL, we are mere humans who will start smelling the next day, irrespective of you being a PM, or gate keeper.

    Why should God write? He wrote “Ten Commandments” How many of us are following them? Do you want our children to suffer more, by disobeying Him?

    Who are we? Mere creatures who will die! Not like our GTF, “WHO IS BEYOND SPACE AND TIME”

    Let us understand our reality and live accordingly.

    • wingnut says:

      And you know this because a shepherd in the desert said so a couple thousand years ago, and he swore you could trust him because a God no one else could see said so. And he is vouched for by a king with hundreds of wives and concubines who caused over 20,000 of his people to die just so he could get laid? Wow. I have a bridge I think you should look at as a retirement investment.

  10. The Bible says that we should put it first in our lives (Matt. 6:33) and that we should be preaching it to others (Luke 9:2). We pray for God’s kingdom to come on a regular basis, but if someone were to ask us: “Please, explain to me exactly what the Kingdom of God is”, would we know what to say?

    I think that when many people use the expression “Kingdom of God”, they forget what the word “kingdom” means. Certainly, is not a state of the heart of some kind of “good vibe”. The definition of the actual word Kingdom is “a country or area ruled by a king or queen” (Macmillan Dictionary). Thus, when we pray for God’s kingdom to come, we are asking for Him to rule, not only in our hearts and minds, but also over a determined territory: “on earth as in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).


  11. ned says:

    I hope you did not stop posting. It’s been a while since you posted a new question..

    • Hi Ned, still here, but thanks for noticing. I’ve been working on (what I think) is a very revealing question regarding the second coming of Jesus. I don’t know when it will be posted, but I can promise you that some reading this will not taste death before they see it posted to the cloud. (Unless God smites me before then, I’ve really been pressing my luck lately.) Stay tuned.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well, He did write his book “The Old Testament” through his prophets. When too much was added, against his will, He decided to appear an leave just one very simple law, namely;

    “ So, always treat others as you would like them to treat you; that’s the law and the prophets” Mathew 7:12

    Men like their gods to dazzle their enemies, but a God who is a God of all people, believers and none believers, He likes being simple.

  13. A believer in Christ says:

    I had gallbladder disease. The first attack I had, I thought I was dying. I’ve given birth, and gallbladder attacks are arguably more painful, and with lots more vomit. And I was having gallbladder attacks three times a week, for nearly a year. I was advised by five different doctors in emergency rooms to have it removed. I have no idea why I didn’t want the surgery, but I didn’t. I’d had other surgery before, so I wasn’t afraid. I just knew my gallbladder served a purpose and I wanted to keep it.

    One day, during an attack, my husband called me to him and said, “I’m tired of this. It ends tonight.” He put his hand on my tummy and said, “in the name of Jesus your gallbladder is healed.” I immediately ran from him and projectile vomitted all over the bathroom, and felt instantly better. That was the last gallbladder attack I ever had, and that was seven years ago.

    The doctors don’t attempt to explain what happened, but the nurses say they see God’s healing work all the time. My husband can’t explain what happened other than God led him to do it, and it only worked because I had faith. He understands it wasn’t him doing it, it was God. It was wonderful even though we didn’t fully understand how it all worked.

    As you can imagine, that kind of instantaneous, permanent, noninvasive kind of healing would change your worldview, as I’m sure it did those that Jesus touched. He healed me. I believe in Him. I believe God’s begotten son Jesus died on the cross, was raised up by God on the third day, and saved us from our sins by his anoning sacrifice.

    As for the writing, this is one of those things we don’t know and must accept. Jesus seemed to act like his Father. There is only one account of Jesus writing, it was in the sand, and the detail of what he wrote wasn’t even given, only the profound impact it had to have the accusers drop their stones. Powerful, and maybe we need a filter to be able to handle it? Remember how Revelation says Jesus will wage war: he will speak. Remember how Jesus calmed the wind and the waves in a storm. He said, “Peace, be still.” And his name healed my gallbladder. “In the name of Jesus, your gallbladder is healed.”

    The Jews wanted the messiah to come with a sword and military brass. But he came with a tunic and parables.

    You want God to fit into your image, to reason like you and appeal to your intellect, to write things the way you want him to. But God confounds the wise with foolishness, and his foolishness is greater than our wisdom. So we have to trust him.

  14. consultgtf says:

    Let’s understand the basics, God is God! not your servant, even they don’t listen sometimes. Then, How do you expect your creator to…

    God knows everything, If it is His will, everything is possible…

    But you should faith, Even Jesus was not able to perform miracles when faith was missing…

  15. Michael Will says:


    Summary: God does whatever God wants.

    The inability to comprehend His motives does not negate the Truth.

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